The emphasis on the Biblical truth and [the] application of Ephesians 4:11-12 in LoveServes International’s strategy is driving eternal results that Bonnie and I love investing in! Dollar for dollar there is no comparison!


I have personally flown to the DR to see the incredible work LoveServes is doing. I cannot think of another ministry project that is having such a profound effect on the communities there. Without changing their hearts, it doesn’t matter how much money we give them. I am a financial advisor by trade, and I cannot think of a better return on my charitable investment. For every $50 I give, another soul is saved for eternity. I sincerely believe LoveServes is doing God’s work!


I have been involved with LoveServes both financially and through trips to the Dominican Republic for several years. I would like to share with you why LoveServes has become my primary ministry organization in which I invest my time, talent and treasures. LoveServes meets my strict guidelines for involvement and referral for the following reasons:1.) Their focus is a bottom-up approach to encouraging all of God’speople to be involved in Kingdom work 2.) they empower and equip local Pastors to lead their congregations in blessing their community with the love of Jesus 3.) each dollar of funds they receive is used very efficiently and truly achieves the 30, 60, 100-fold increase that the Bible speaks of 4.) Jesus is the focus in everything LoveServes involves itself with; He is lifted up and not man 5.) this is a DR-based ministry with an appropriate assist from outside the DR.


I found out that God has made me the way I am, with the experiences I have had, just so I could share that with someone else and encourage them to avoid the same things I went through. I also learned that sometimes God just wants you to rest in His grace and mercy. I learned that it is not faith if you can plan it on your own and God will provide you what you need, when you need it. Out of this trip I have begun to question why the Church in the US is not as effective in their communities as we see the churches in the Dominican Republic are, and it gets back to having a total dependency on God and following God no matter where He leads. My prayer is that more people from my church would get involved, go on a trip and be fired up to change the community around us with the resources we have. We all have a part to do, we need get out and run the play (as Francis Chan says), instead of sitting on the bench.


What is the eternal impact this ministry is having where it serves?” This is the ultimate question any organization should ask when considering monetary gifts to a ministry. As I became acquainted with Peter Swanson and LoveServes through a local Christian Business group a few yearsago, I began to hear some incredible stories of lives that were changed through their ministry in the Dominican Republic. In February 2014, I traveled to the DR with two other men from my church for a first-hand look. We met local men and women who are steadfastly committed to the mission and ministry of LoveServes most often with limited resources. In July of 2014, my son-in-law and grandson spent a week there helping one of the local churches coached by LoveServes to complete a portion of their project. Beginning in 2015, our church has decided to support LoveServes on a monthly basis. We are doing this because we believe LoveServes is having a powerful eternal impact for the kingdom of God on the people of the Dominican Republic.


People say, “it must make you feel good to be involved with this ministry that does so much good for so many”, that’s not it, what it is, is the greatest privilege, I am so amazed that I have had the opportunity to be so involved in such a great work that the Lord is doing in the Dominican Republic, why me? why not someone more deserving? Thank you Jesus!!


When we first heard of Love Serves and really got to know what their mission/vision is, it just made sense! We only had a short time there, but it was life changing to come alongside the church and its leadership there and share the same discipling vision to their own churches. We went to the Dominican Republic with open minds and hearts to how this would work and saw the reality of it especially in the village of El Carrizal. The key is to multiply within the local church/community, and we witnessed it! We were blessed by the Holy Spirit to learn from our brothers and sisters and the pastoral/leadership team. The pure joy they found in their relationship with Jesus was awesome! We saw how much more important it is for key people to develop their discipling mindset within their churches/communities rather than us just going there and doing “everything” for them. It was inspiring and so encouraging to see the people at the church reaching out to their close-knit community in love, building bridges of trust and teaching the Word!


Because of the training and the group with whom I had the privilege to serve, in the DR. I have never felt the Holy Spirit so empowering and moving as He was with us. Having witnessed two churches under the guiding hands of LoveServes, I am of strong belief that this is an extremely effective model for church growth and Evangelism with the influence of the Holy Spirit.


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