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LoveServes is extremely blessed to have an incredible staff. An organization is only as strong as the people who are working toward the same purpose and mission. We are honored to be led by a group of men and women who love the Lord and desire to lead with integrity, compassion, and wisdom.

Pastor Daniel Rodriguez Executive Director
Pastor Daniel Rodriguez joined our ministries team in August of 2012 as our Executive Director. He served another ministry as Executive Director in the Dominican Republic for 25 years. He served on our LoveServes ministries Board of directors since 1995. Daniel also pastors a local church in Santo Domingo and is married to Mechi and they have two children adult children, Danny and Melissa.


JochiJose B. Brito C. (Jochi) Program Coordinator
Jose B. Brito C. (Jochi) Born in Santo Domingo on March 31, 1969. Although raised in a Christian home, he was 15 years old when he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ. Jochi Studied Dramatic Art, Television Production and Journalism. For many years combined his work as actor and producer of theater, radio and television, with a collaborator in various ministries such as the Dominican Evangelical Students Association (Dominican Chapter of IFES), Youth for Christ, Compassion International and World Vision and serving in his local church. Jochi has worked full time with LoveServes International ministries as program coordinator since 2005. Jochi is married to Nancy Mones and they have two children, Abril and Ambar.


Rafael Tejeda Evangelism and Discipleship Director
Rafael has worked with LoveServes since 1996. His first position was evangelism and discipleship director, working with national leadership groups. He has been a pastoral coach from the beginning of the Healthy Church Mission project we started 9 years ago. Rafael has coached and equipped 136 pastors in the south central zone called Valdesia/North Ozama. He is married to Mary Félix; they have two sons Kaiser and Rafa and one daughter, Caroline..


Nidio Tejada Pastor and LoveServes Coach
Nidio became a LoveServes coach in 2008, after completing our Church Health Process. He is responsible for the Northern region where he mentors and equips over 111 pastors each year. Teaching pastors and leaders to apply Healthy Church principles and model after Christ’s ministry to meet the needs of the community; the physical, emotional and spiritual needs. In addition to being a full time coach he and his wife Esther pastor a church in his native city, San Francisco de Macorís. He and Esther have been married since 1997 and they have two children.


Pedro Campusano (Gustavo) Pastor and LoveServes Coach
Became a LoveServes Coach in 2009 after he completed our coaching process in his local church. He has been a pastor for more than 25 years in his native village, Sabaneta, 20 minutes from Santo Domingo. Gustavo mentored and equipped more than 70 pastors in the far western region up until 2013 when we shifted him to start working with churches in the capital of Santo Domingo. The last three years working in the capital in the East Ozama region has been extraordinary- He has equipped 70 Pastors. So in total 140 Pastors! He is married to Estela, and they have four girls.


Samuel David Cruz Pastor and LoveServes Coach
Samuel pastors a church in the northern city of Santiago. He is married to Beixis Cuevas, they have two daughters: Jehaziel (born 1997) and Saely (born 1999). Samuel received our Church Health training in 2006. He successfully applied healthy church principles and has equipped his church for the work of the ministry. The key ministries they have focused on in his church are Family Counseling, children ministry outreach and peace ministry (dealing with domestic violence). We brought Samuel on full time as our eighth coach in April 2015. He is responsible for over 57 new pastors in the Northeast region of Cibao.
Joel Feliciano Pastor and LoveServes Coach
Pastor Joel began working as a LoveServes Coach January 15, 2010 in Northwest Cibao region of the Dominican Republic. He is responsible for mentoring and equipping 103 pastors and leaders to apply Healthy Church principles and model after Christ’s ministry to meet the needs of the community; the physical, emotional and spiritual needs. He came from the eastern part of Dominican Republic, born on September 6, 1971, into a Christian family. But it was not until 1994 when he decided to leave his job to enter Bible College to prepare for ministry. Joel began pastoring in November 1997 at his church, Manantial de Amor, Las Guaranas, Duarte, where he is to this day. In his church, they have been dedicated to child education, adult literacy, family counseling and care to sick and elderly. Married Arelí De La Cruz in February 2002, and have two children.
Eddy J. De LeonEddy J. De Leon Pastor and LoveServes Coach
Eddy was born in Villa Rivas, Dominican Republic, on August 29th, 1980. He came to the Lord Jesus at 17. Three years later he attended Bible seminary in Santo Domingo, where he met his wife Brenda. They have three children, Addy, Shalom and Melchizedek. Eddy started with LoveServes International as a coach in March of 2011 after he himself went through LoveServes training. He works in the Eastern region of Higuamo in the Dominican Republic. Each year Eddy mentors about 70 pastors. In addition to working as a full time coach, he and Brenda are pastoring in the town of Bayaguana, province of Monte Plata. This young family has 13 years in pastoral ministry and their church works with the youth in public schools and sports groups. They also work with a variety of community development ministries, such as children’s education, family counseling, and by providing drinking water to the neighborhood.
Jose Luciano Pastor and LoveServes Coach
Pastor Jose became a LoveServes coach November 2011. Jose has been a pastor since 1997. During the first 10 years he had an inward focus and his church was characterized by legalism. He had no vision, nor desire to serve the needs of the people in his community. Over those ten years his congregation never grew beyond 19 members. After implementing the principles learned in LoveServes coaching, the church began to grow in quantity and in quality. His church currently has 65 adults and has developed multiple ministries among which are: Care of the elderly and sick, English school, music school, small businesses, youth outreach, family counseling, and others. Pastor Jose has been fully trained to be a LoveServes Coach and has mentored and equipped over 108 churches annually in the southern region of Cibao in the Dominican Republic.
Natanael Duval Figuereo

LoveServes Coach

Natanael Duval Figuereo became a LoveServes coach in June 2016.

He is responsible for the El Valle/Enriquillo region where he mentors and equips over 127 pastors each year. Teaching pastors and leaders to apply Healthy Church principles and model after Christ’s ministry to meet the needs of the community; the physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Married to Mickelina, they have four children.

Maria Aybar Concierge
She has been linked to the ministry of LoveServes almost from its inception when she met the Lord Jesus Christ. Sister Maria is responsible for maintaining the offices of LoveServes clean. She is also the motherly figure who is responsible for taking care of everyone, especially when it comes to sharing food. She is married to Armando Arias and they have two adult children, both married with families who serve the Lord.
Laura Ycelsa Felipe Pimentel Financial Manager
Has served the Lord as our accountant and now as Chief Financial Officer since 1998. She says she longs to live every day deeply devoted holistically, to the cause of Christ, her Lord Jesus. She is married to Remny Duran and they have two children.
Hansel Rolando Peña Alcantara Workshop Coordinator
In charge of coordinating all of our workshops, seminars and various trainings for pastors and leaders.
Erinna Florentino Accountant
Assists Laura in our accounting office. She came on staff in August 2010. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic April 1990. Raised in a home where the values of Love, Respect and Humility were practiced. At 16 she decided to for Christ. She lives eternally grateful for who He is and what He has done in her life.
Jennifer Marcell Almonte Soriano Receptionist
Studies Accounting at Unviveridad APEC. She accepted Christ at the age of fifteen and attends to a local church call Iglesia Evangelica de Oración. There she serves as part of the Worship team, Youth group wherever a hand is needed.
Peter Swanson

President and Director of US Expansion

Peter’s role as President and Director is bringing the same message and methods that we have brought to the DR to the US churches. Peter will be responsible for the direction, and implementation of strategies to minister to US pastors who desire our holistic mentoring and coaching. With God’s wisdom we will walk alongside Pastors mentoring and coaching them to develop a healthy church that equips its members to love God and love their neighbor.

Our vision is to develop healthy churches in ALL NATIONS, equipping God’s people to make disciples who make disciples.

Pastor WallaceWallace Costa

Four12 Coach

Wallace Costa is originally from Brazil, a trip down the Amazon River changed and shaped the course of his life in ways he could never have imagined, there he felt to call to be a missionary among the “ribeirinho people.” Wallace is an Ordained Southern Baptist Minister with 30 years’ cross-cultural experience. He has served as a Missionary and as an International Director of Missions. Currently serving as a coach with LoveServes and as a Chaplain at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He is trilingual in Portuguese, Spanish and English. He lives in Trinity with his wife Silvia. They have an 20 year old son, Eduardo.

Stephanie Smith Director of Development

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in donor cultivation and relationship management. Stephanie is responsible for the direction and implementation of strategies to develop relationships with like-minded people and ministries.
Patricia Vazquez Administrator

Patricia oversees the day-to-day administration within LoveServes, and coordinates implementation of administrative and ministry marketing and communication needs.

Dominican Board:

Leonardo de la Rosa- President
Luis Daniel Perez-Vice President
Miriam Marte de Jimenez-Treasurer
Daniel Isaias Rodriguez-Secretary
Peter Swanson-Member
Domingo Mendez-Member
Daniel Ramirez-Member

American Board:

Martin Newby
Brent Whitehead
Dr. Ken Carle
Kathy Cornwell
Peter Swanson
Don Light Jr.
Jimmy Zehner
David Watkins

Staff in United States:

Peter Swanson, President and Director of US Expansion
Wallace Costa, Four12 Coach
Stephanie Smith, Director of Development
Patricia Vazquez, Administrator


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