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State of Emergency

Churches are responding and helping their communities through love. Read how God answered Ramona’s cry for help through Pastor Peralta’s church.

We are all feeling the uncertainty in the world. Well, imagine you live in the Dominican Republic (D.R.). The President has just declared another state of emergency due to COVID-19. Many people in your community are at risk of starvation. A curfew is re-established for 45 days. Businesses are suffering and there’s no indication when international travel will reopen to tourism, the leading industry in the D.R. 

And then the storm. By the time it makes landfall in the D.R., the unnamed storm becomes Tropical Storm Isaias. It dumps 13 inches of rain on your community, prompting flooding, mudslides and loss of power. Now imagine how the flooding will impact health risks from contaminated water. 

The storm passes, but leaves behind a desperate situation. Your home is completely flooded. The little food your family had and all your belongings are destroyed. In that moment, you cry out to God for help…and He answers.

Ramona’s Story

God answered Ramona’s cry for help through Pastor Peralta’s church in Las Guaranas. As soon as the storm subsided, members of the church went out into the community to check on their neighbors – to love their neighbors. That is how they found Ramona. Church members brought her a relief supply of food, prayed with her for comfort and are helping her clean up from the flood. They will be there in the days ahead as the community recovers.

Pastor Peralta’s church, along with hundreds of others that have been trained by LoveServes in the D.R., are outside the walls of their church, noticeably present in their communities bringing emergency food supplies, sanitizing supplies and the hope of the gospel message to at-risk families. God is working through these churches to impact their communities through love. 

Ramona and Pastor Peralta

Ramona and Pastor Peralta


These churches are focused on the two greatest commandments (Matthew 22: 37-39): love God and love your neighbor. Through love, they are serving and transforming their communities. That’s the core of our ministry. LoveServes’ coaching staff walks beside pastors to help the local church raise up disciple makers and equippers (Eph. 4:12-13). God invites all of us to join the movement to help local churches transform their communities. 

When love serves and Jesus redeems, the lost are saved and communities are transformed. You can help make that happen! 

Would you please make a donation today and join the mission of LoveServes to reach all nations, ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME.


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