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Introduction Video

Watch a brief introduction to learn more about our Four12 Peer to Peer Pastor Group U.S. initiative. Call or text Peter Swanson or schedule an appointment.

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A Peer to Peer Pastor Group

Designed to empower the local church to fulfill the Great Commission

Ephesians 4:12 “to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up”

We call it the Four12 Group because of our emphasis on focusing pastors on a key principle found in Ephesians 4:12 “to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up”

  A Vision To

 Build His Kingdom  

Dear Pastor,

God has given you a vision to build His Kingdom through equipping the people of God to do works of service for the building up of the body of Christ…

How’s that going?

If you are like many Pastors and leaders, it’s difficult to get people moving out of their “pews” and truly following Jesus’ footsteps in loving the least of these and making disciples who make disciples, am I right?

This is why God has called us to come alongside churches to help implement a missional strategy that will empower them to have a greater impact in their communities.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s quote suggest a better way to motivate people to do hard things. Getting the Church to live on mission and press in to all God has planned to fulfill in them and through them is hard to do, and even harder to sustain. There must be a deeper motivation, an ownership of the vision. If you want to build a sustainable, multiplying discipleship culture in your church, don’t gather your people on a Sunday morning and announce the new program for evangelism and discipleship.

Instead, teach them (model for them) to fall in Love with Jesus who through His death reconciled us to the Father and then gave us this message of reconciliation to share with others. Inspire them to long to see millions rescued who would otherwise die without a Savior.

God’s original plan to build His Kingdom hasn’t changed. He still invites the Church to make disciples. LoveServes works directly with pastors and church leaders to help them focus back on the vision God has given them.

We serve as a fulcrum, offering support to the Church as it walks out the Great Commision.

 Our Vision 

To see radical growth in the number of missional churches in America that will equip God’s people to make disciples who make disciples (“Go and make disciples of all nations,” Matthew 28:19).


For the last 13 years, LoveServes has coached and equipped pastors in the Dominican Republic. In that time, 2,671 churches there have come alive by the Holy Spirit! These churches, once inward-focused, are transforming their communities through a ​principle-oriented strategy ​​ that equips God’s people to be ministers of the Gospel. The results are supernatural: 15,427 adults have come to Christ in just the last 12 months!

 The Need 

We’ve felt God preparing our hearts to bring this same vision and strategy to American churches. Conservative statistics show that 65% of churches are stagnant or in decline. Some research studies have shown that 10% of American churches are at risk of closing their doors in 3–5 years! For every new church planted, about three will close.

Additionally, pastors are at risk of burnout because they have no one they can confide in about their discouragement, doubt, or besetting sin. Research shows that 37% of pastors are at risk of burnout. 58% say they have felt “inadequate for their ministry or calling”. 52% of pastors experience loneliness and have no close friends they trust with personal matters. (Barna Research Group, The State of the Pastor 2017).

In another astonishing research poll, Barna discovered that only 17% of Churchgoers could articulate what the Great Commission is. If Jesus’ final words on the planet are unclear to his followers, is it any wonder we have churches that are closing their doors and pastors who have become discouraged and given up?

 The Solution 

LoveServes works closely with pastors in a coaching capacity. We meet with our pastors monthly and spend time both one-to-one and in roundtable peer groups. These FOUR12 Groups, are a confidential place for pastors to share their struggles openly and encourage one another in our step by step process. Together they will rediscover the vision God gave them and how to equip the church to have a profound impact in the lives of the lost.

Since we ask pastors to commit to a full day once a month to work “on their church” not “in their church”, you may wonder… Is it worth it?

Below is a list of points we hope will be meaningful to you personally and ministerially.

See if you can see the value of “sharpening the axe”. Value-add for churches and pastors who commit to a monthly FOUR12 Group (based on 12+ years of supernatural results with more than 2,671 churches):

Encouragement, genuine camaraderie, and accountability from fellow peer pastors.

Personal growth and the joy of meaningful relationships within a highly synergistic cadre.

A principle–oriented strategy to grow both the quality and quantity index of each essential characteristic of a healthy church.

Clear and simple steps to remove or rethink obstacles that inhibit growth in every area of the church.

Incredibly practical tools and assessments for leadership development, ministry generation, community engagement, multiplicative discipleship, and effective systems—and the coaching to implement them.

Access to LoveServes partnerships and resources in the areas of 1-to-1 discipleship, marriage and family counseling, transformational leadership, journey of generosity, and abiding in Christ retreats.

Growing your missions culture: a comprehensive plan to grow fully developed followers of Jesus to live on mission.

BONUS: Pastors’ wives have been our greatest cheerleaders!

The Transformation: A pastor’s vision expands beyond the four walls of his church. He sees that he is a pastor not only to the members of the church but also to the community. By applying Ephesians 4:12, all church members see themselves as incarnate ministers of the Gospel and begin using their gifts and talents to love and serve the people in their circles of influence.

Desired Outcome: Pastors will enjoy the benefit of learning and sharing with others in the group, which we believe will lead to a unified effort to reach the thousands of lost and hurting people in our communities. The goal is to spark a movement by activating an army of believers from every church and denomination who will resolve to live every day on mission, being the hands and heart of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are excited to see His Church make a significant impact locally and then nationwide for His glory.

CONTACT US! I'm looking forward to scheduling time to meet.

For more information about LoveServes’ ministry in the United States, or to find out how to be part of the next peer coaching group, contact Peter Swanson at 941-376-0799, toll free 844-352-3376 or email Peter@LoveServes.org

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