Many pastors we meet yearn to see their flock motivated and engaged, a unified Body of Christ, on mission in their community. Unfortunately, pastors often shoulder 90% of the load, sacrificing precious time with their family for the tyranny of the urgent, yet never seeming to make real progress. 

Shouldn’t laboring for the Gospel, under the power of the Spirit, be joyful, fruitful, and energizing? So why do we often feel stressed, frustrated, and hopeless? We understand.

We exist to support the local church and serve pastors We developed a step-by-step process to help you grow your church naturally and reach your community for Christ. 

Let’s connect soon so we can share from our 15 years of experience coaching over 2,700 churches in the Dominican Republic. To date, through the work of the Holy Spirit and training from LoveServes 122,913 adults have come to Christ and are being discipled and equipped to bring others as well.

We want to serve your church by helping you to implement a strategy that will engage your people to have a great impact.

Our program focuses on two main points:  

  • 1.   Church health (Growing your church naturally)
  • 2.   How to become the pastor/church of the community

    To improve the health of the church we will focus on 8 characteristics of a healthy church (from Natural Church Development NCD). Which are:

    1. Inspirational Worship Service

    Together we will rediscover the joy of the ministry and the vision God gave us to “...equip His people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians FOUR12)

    Join the loveserves team to learn how to grow the health of your church and become a church your community cannot live without!

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    For more information about LoveServes’ ministry in the United States, or to find out how to be part of the next peer coaching group, contact Peter Swanson at 941-376-0799, 

    toll free 844-352-3376 or email

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