When a community is lost and the hope of anything changing seems impossible, what kind of ministry can bring a lasting solution?

Jesus’ Solution

Jesus established the local Church as His primary method of equipping and encouraging the believers to do the work of His ministry. Eph. 4:12 “…to equip God’s people for works of service…”
LoveServes International got its name from the example Jesus set when He served the people He loved. (Mark 10:45 “The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve…”)
Join Christ Where He is Working.

LoveServes International identifies local pastors who are passionate about reaching the lost in their village.
Pastors receive training that helps them cast Jesus’ command and vision: “Love God…Love your neighbor”.
Church members are transformed by the Holy Spirit to become Christ’s hands and feet to their own community.
The Church stops focusing on “attracting” people into the four walls of their building and gets out into its community and meets its greatest needs.
Results are Supernatural:

  • Dried-up churches are experiencing new LIFE.
  • Church members are joyfully exercising their spiritual gifts.

These methods are contagious; in eleven years this “hands-on seminary” has grown to 2,191 pastors seeing their church and community begin to transform.
In order to guard against inflating numbers, we only report adults (not teens or children) who have come to Christ AND have been involved in a church for more than three months. Over 107,486 adults have accepted Christ!

LoveServes International is a grassroots movement affecting the poorest villages in the DR. The results are exciting!

  • Churches are growing and planting more churches
  • Believers are equipped to do ministry
  • Marriages are being restored
  • Children are receiving an education
  • Teenagers are coming to Christ and getting off drugs
  • Dads are taking responsibility for their families
  • Rural towns are being restored to hopeful places
  • The local church is seen as relevant to the people in the community