Our Programs

LoveServes utilizes 8 programs that transform the vision of the church to an outward focus to meet the needs of the community:

  • Pastoral Training and Coaching
  • Church Growth and Development
  • Church Ministries
  • Family Counseling/Aid
  • Health and Education for Children
  • Youth Health and Development
  • Care for Elderly and Handicapped
  • Community Development – Recognizing Individual and Community Needs

We’ve divided the Dominican Republic into 10 Regions

The distribution of coaches by region is:

Joel Feliciano – Regions 1 and 2 (Northwest)

Samuel Cruz – Region 8 Northeast region of Cibao

Rafael Tejeda – Region 5 (Central South)

Eddy De Leon – Regions 6 and 8 (East & Northeast)

Natanael Duval Figuereo – Regions 7 and 9 (Southwest)

Jose Luciano – Regions 3 and 4 (North)

Gustavo Campusano – Region 10 (Santo Domingo – Capital)

Nidio Tejada – Northern region, Ministry Development Coach

Jose Luciano – Regions 3 and 4 (North)

Gustavo Campusano – Region 10 (Santo Domingo – capital)


Types of Ministries

In the past twelve years LoveServes has trained and equipped 2,513 churches and launched 6,836 new ministries. They can be categorized into 16 different types of ministries:

Home Improvement ministries
Small Business (microfinance)
Preschool ministries
After School ministries
Ministry of Peace (To deal with domestic violence)
Marriage Clubs ministries
Youth ministries
Substance Abuse Recovery ministries

Elderly People Care
AIDS Patient Care
Sports ministries
Counseling ministries
Community Development ministries
Vocational Ministries
Ministries to Prisoners
Hosting Foreigners ministries