Powerful strategy to help revive the local church to become effective at fulfilling Jesus’ commands to “make disciples of all nations” and to “love the least of these” in their communities.

LoveServes International

Become an Advocate

Become an Advocate

Help spread the importance of missions by hosting a micro event in a venue of your choice.

Join the Prayer Team

Join the Prayer Team

Release world changing prayers over the church and their pastors.

Join a Missions Team

Join a Missions Team

Gain vision of God’s love for the world and make a difference.

Why we do what we do.

Our Purpose

The Need

6,000 churches in the Dominican Republic that average 17 members with no growth. The majority of the churches are legalistic and unhealthy. They need a paradigm shift.

The Solution

LoveServes International coaches pastors to develop healthy churches that equip the Church members to meet the communities’ greatest needs through the love of Christ.

The Transformation

Pastors’ vision expands beyond their four walls. By applying Ephesians 4:12, “Equipping God’s people for the work of the ministry…” every man woman and child become ministers of the Gospel using their gifts and talents to love and serve their neighbor.

The Result

In twelve years over 107,486 adults have trusted Jesus as their Savior and have been attending church for at least three months.

Join A Missions Trip

A Family Experience

The purpose of our trip is to come alongside and partner with a local church that LoveServes International has been coaching to complement one another in the body of Christ. To be used to reach the community in such a way that it connects, builds and strengthens the relationships the local church has with the citizens of the community. In contrast, we DO NOT want to “fix their problems” or “ride in on our white horse to save the day”. Rather, we want to begin the process of building a mutual benefiting relationship that can most effectively bring LONG-LASTING solutions to the community’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Humility is paramount!

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A Life changing experience, a Chance to change the world

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